3 Second Fighter – The Sniper Option – Geoff Thompson

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3 second fighterGeoff Thompson decided to become a martial arts instructor at around 30 years old, then polled number one self defense instructor in the world by Black Belt magazine USA , working the door as a bouncer for years gained a valuable insight into fighting, following that, he lived out his dreams of becoming a writer.

This book gives a great sense of “real” fighting and what happens in the street or bar brawl. Outlining a sensible and effect game plan should you find yourself in the worst of situations. However, it also looks at pre fight conflict awareness and reading a situation, something most books don’t cover at all. The Sniper Option comes from Geoff’s belief that a few good techniques can beat a hundred techniques, perhaps even ending a fight before it has begun.

This book is short, however this is because it gets right to the point and gives you what you need to know, an insight to your attacker and how to deal with it. If you have read some of Geoff’s other books (of which he has 34) you may find some of this has been covered before, but if you want a precise summary and decent quick guide check this out, 90 pages of usefulness right there!