What Self Defence Weapons are legal in the UK?

Self Defence weaponsPeople come into my shop all the time and point at nearly everything and say “Is that legal? Can I buy that?” Self Defence weapons can be legal depending on that they are, but let’s get something straight from the beginning, I don;t sell knuckledusters, or Kosh’s or Spring loaded batons. And I certainly do;t have then for sale under the counter if you give me a nod and a wink. Yes, that happens a lot too.

There are some Self Defence Weapons out there that are legal and can be train with in a class. Let’s get another point straight, just because something is legal to buy, a snooker cue say. Hitting it round the back of the head is illegal. The same goes for all Self Defence Weapons. You have to use them responsibility and at the end of the day. Staying out of trouble and being able to run really really fast are always the best ways to defend yourself.

So what is available on the market and what is practical and sensible. A bokken could be used for self defence but it isn’t practical or sensible for that purpose so Self Defence Weapons are nearly always small and simple. So what’s available and more importantly, what can you legally have and own, therefore what is worth learning in self defence training.

I personally put Self Defence Weapons into two main categories. There are training knives and self defence sticks. The aviation on these is endless so I’ll talk about a few of the more common ones around and it’ll give you an idea of what you may want to train with.

Self Defence Training Knives for Martial Arts

Traditional systems will nearly always use the red oak Tanto, deriving from the Japanese arts. They work fine, are solid, and are mistakingly thought of in class as being a soft option. Wait until one clunks you on the head or jabbed in your kidney.

The Aluminium Training Knife offers non traditionalists a much more realistic looking knife but still with safety in mind with an enormous flat side where the blade should be. I always loved training with these. As it looks like a knife you’ll respect it more on the mat.

The Cold Steel Training Knife claims to be unbreakable, which means you can give it all the welly you want and test that theory. Full contact pressure testing in a class is perfectly suited for this knife.

Like I said the variation goes on and on, but these give the idea of the range of materials and what to expect from each.

The other category of sensible and legal Self defence weapons is:

Self Defence Sticks

Again the variation is massive but this category contain the hand size sticks that are small and easily fit into your pocket. Escrima Sticks are not on this list as I consider then to be too big to be classed as Self defence weapons.

Kubaton Keychain

Nearly all Kubaton these days come on a keychain, this means you can add a set of keys and it double up as a flail as well as a disarming and restraining weapon. The main variation in these self defence weapons is whether you get a pointy end or a flat end. In terms of techniques used with them, there is no difference so it really comes down to personal preference

The other main area of self defence sticks is the Koga, made famous my Cold Steel, there are two main variations, again one with a flat end and the other with a pointy end. All Self defence sticks are relatively offensive free leaving the majority of techniques for defence, restraint and disarming.

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