Wood vs Metal Nunchaku: Is there any difference?

With so many choices of nunchaku on the market, what’s a good option to buy? Well, one of the decisions will be on wood vs metal nunchaku.

So what’s the big deal does it make a difference?

Well, yes! There is a big difference. Not only in the types of nunchaku that are available for these two varieties but also in how they look and feel.

wood vs metal nunchakuFirstly lets talk about the types of Nunchaku available on the market before we compare wood vs metal nunchaku.

Wood nunchaku can be any style of nunchaku with a wooden shaft. Cord nunchaku or chain nunchaku, octagonal nunchaku, round nunchaku, nunchaku with grooves. A whole range of colours exist, but you will mainly find natural wood and black. These and more are available on the market.

Metal Nunchaku, tend to be much more varied than the wood nunchaku. You can get very thin lightweight aluminium nunchaku, heavy thick nunchaku, extendable or telescopic nunchaku. screw-together baton nunhcaku, etc etc. The list goes on.

Now you know what’s out there let’s talk about the variations you will get when deciding to practice with either wood vs metal nunchaku.

On the whole, metal nunchaku tend to be a bit gimmicky. There are always exceptions to the rule, but metal nunchaku are designed for people that want to train with something different to the norm and have a bit of fun.

Wood nunchaku are the mainstream. Most people you know will train with wooden nunchaku and prefer these. Why is this? Well there’s always the traditional argument “that’s what people have been using for 1000 years so that makes it the best”. I personally don’t agree, with this statement, but I do think if you are going to change it should be for an improvement.

Wood is light, and most nunchaku will be made from oak, which pound-for-pound is stronger than steel. It’s flexible and can take a beating. The practitioner will also find wood is much kinder to you hands, than the metal. Metal nunchaku can pack a real punch and it won’t be long until your hands are sore, wood will be slightly more forgiving, only slightly though.

So what’s the decision regarding wood vs metal nunchaku?

As a traditional martial arts practitioner I will always be biased towards the traditional option, but I am also a pragmatist and I still think wood gives you the best option for practicing and training. Still metal nunchaku are great fun and it’s nice to mix it up now and again and try something new.

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