What is the Year of the Dog?

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The main thing with Dogs is they are Loyal, the Chinese say Men born on the year of the dog are straightforward and genuine, opinionated and care deeply for their family. Women, the Chinese say, are cautious and intensely protective of their friend and family.

But what does that mean for the coming year? It’s all doom and gloom I’m afraid so quit now if you wanted a happy read.

Bad news for this year is that it is traditionally the most unlucky year with trouble and danger lurking at every corner. There will be unforeseeable problems in work. The financial situation is quite risky. The Chinese say ‘Dogs’ should keep a low profile, thinking before they speak and act.

Nothing too drastic happens to Dogs’ health in 2018. They should rest well to prevent fatigue and exhaustion. Other than that, Dogs should be careful of sharp objects, especially in June. They should also take care of their family’s safety.

The social life this year will be full of headaches. There are arguments both at home and outside. Dogs must communicate and resolve conflicts. Otherwise, they may find themselves alone by the end of the year.

Overall, this is a year that Dogs must get through.

It’s the Chinese tradition to wear red underwear every day during their zodiac year. Dogs can try this to ward off the bad luck.

Once past this year, Dogs can continue on their steady and quiet road to happiness.

Some Famous ‘Dogs’ are:

  • Winston Churchill
  • Donald Trump
  • Justin Bieber
  • Elvis Presley
  • Steven Spielberg

To name a few