Nunchaku Cord vs Chain – The age old argument

Nunchaku cord vs chainThere are so many Nunchaku on the market these days it’s hard to know what to choose. Out of all the available Nunchaku there are two main categories. Cord Nunchaku and Chain Nunchaku, so it’s a battle of Nunchaku Cord vs Chain.

Before we decide who wins the nunchaku cord vs chain punch up

, we will first look at the difference between the two types of Nunchaku.

Cord Nunchaku, consist of a piece of cord, rope, nylon, tied between the two Nunchaku shafts. Tying the cord can be done in many different ways. Usually, a hole of some sort will be carved or molded out of the shaft and the rope tied through that giving a really firm hold. This then can be additionally glued in place for extra safety. After all, flying nunchaku are not good, especially when windows, people or flower pots are involved. The cord will come directly out the middle of the end of the Nunchaku shaft, so it’s balance is distributed evenly. This is the standard you will find being sold in martial arts shops and online.

Other ways of tying rope nunchaku can involve tying through a metal loop stuck into the end of the Nunchaku shaft, tied to a swivel or even stapled to the side, but very rarely you’ll see these for sale and tend to be home made versions. So they’re all a bit ‘ropey’

But how does this answer our Nunchaku cord vs chain questions.

Well, let s first look at chain nunchaku. These are nearly always sold as a chain connected to a ball bearing swivel. This, of course, is not a traditional option. More traditional chain versions, can consist of a loop inserted into each Nunchaku shaft and then a chain linking them, or a kind of bracket held to a chain with a screw or nail attached to the shaft. Again these later ones tend to be more home made or small scale production.

Nunchaku cord vs chainSo now we know what we’re dealing with lets answer the nunchaku cord vs chain conundrum.

Let’s just talk about what’s available to buy in the mainstream market, internet and martial arts shops.

If you had the same weight nunchaku shafts the chain will make your Nunchaku slightly heavier, but not by a lot so you may not even notice a difference.

The main difference will be in the spin, as the chain is on a bearing the Nunchaku will spin fast. You can get some really fast speed with them. You will also find glancing blows bounce off you more so than the rope and can leave your Nunchaku spinning wildly off.

Rope Nunchaku, on the other hand, have a much more controlled spin, it’ll feel slower and maybe more cumbersome, but the Nunchaku will do what it is told to a lot more.

So where might you make the decision for Nunchaku cord vs chain. It’s rare to see someone demonstrating or performing with rope nunchaku. This is because demonstrations need to look impressive. They need to be face, dynamic, energetic. A chain Nunchaku will give you this.

You’ll more likely to see rope nunchaku in a traditional martial arts class, being practice with, with the aim to achieve precision control and good technique.

The Nunchaku cord vs chain decision boils down to traditional (rope) vs Chain (modern), speed vs control. It is a personal preference thing but also a direction you wan tot take your practice in. Beware choose wisely because you’ll hate swapping once you’ve found your favourite,

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