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Back in the UK

It’s a little hard to talk about China this month as I have been back in the UK. Mainly visiting the shop, working on new projects and catching up with old friends, but also visiting some clubs and trying to catch up with the martial arts scene in Bristol.

It’s nice to see so many new clubs starting up and watch the Bristol scene becoming even richer. Clubs like the Russian Systema, who’s instructor we interviewed this month, aswell as a new Kung Fu clubs set up by a long standing student of Shaolin Monk Yan Xin.

The Downs up in Clifton has seemed to become a mass training ground on the weekends, with groups of fitness classes, PT sessions and one-on-one’s, friends training martial arts practicing moves and forms, and people doing light sparring and pad work. Not to mention the usual hoard of runners.

This outdoor training is so nice to see here as you see so much of it in China. Outdoor practice is a standard daily routine there, so it’s lovely to see this relatively new trend taking off here in Bristol.

I’m going back next week to Shanghai, and I have lots of travel plans so watch this space for more updates.