Playing with your martial arts? Is it allowed?

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martial arts trainingMy garage gym is finally finished and I can get back into training properly now. Physio will always be important and that will always come first above anything else and I’ll continue with that for as long as I am mobile (or alive).

All this time off has given me a lot of time to reflect on my life’s training so far and thinking about how I want to move it forward and what I personally want to achieve. I think the more you train the more you get a clear idea about what you want from your own martial art and the less it is offered in any one class or session.

Many will disagree of course and the club / style they do is a perfect fit for them. But I want to go off and do my own thing.

Now I’m not talking about developing my own style of martial arts, creating another system with a new name. That’s great but not for me. I want to take the martial arts I currently do and look deeper into the moves, develop drills and experiment with what already exists.

Let me explain. If I have a move in a form that looks very much like a punch, I want to find out more about that move. Why assume it is just a punch, why not a block or a throw? Why not look at other styles of martial arts, sports, exercise in general and pull out training drills that will develop that movement.

Why not even look at Physiotherapy and Rehab to see exactly what is happening to the body in that movement and develop my body to do that movement to the best of it’s ability.

It makes sense right?

Take Olympic Swimmers now, it isn’t just enough to swim to win Gold Medals they have a massive program of “Land training’. Where they develop all the muscles and strength they need to swim faster and more efficiently. I want to develop with the same theory with Martial Arts.

I feel like I’m just the start of it. It’s exciting and my garage gym will allow me to develop some of my ideas and get stronger and more agile and hopefully keep me out of the operating theatre.

The future is looking exciting!

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