Martial Arts for Rehabilitation?

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Martial Arts for RehabilitationBeing about 5 month post major back surgery, I have had a lot of time to think about what I will be able to do when I have recovered and am back to full health. Well, full health is a loose term as I have to accept I will never have full health and I’ll never be able to train like I have in the past. Still, I should be able to train in something, enjoy the process and use my martial arts for rehabilitation.

Martial Arts for me has always been for enjoyment, never fulfilling any other need apart from having fun. So it’s important to find something that will not only help my back but also something I enjoy doing, otherwise it’s hard to get motivated to train, if yo love it you’ll do it all the time. Then as a bi-product my back will strengthen and improve.

During my recovery time, that I am still in, I have been looking the martial arts style I have done and seeing what I can take from them and use to help me recover. I have to admit it is a tough job, so is using Martial Arts for Rehabilitation a good idea? It’s tricky.

I remember reading an article about Matthew Ahmet years ago, at a time he’d just broken his leg during a demonstration on stage. He talked about finding the things in his style he could practice while his leg was in plaster. Throwing techniques, stretching, etc. were all options for him. I just need to find possibilities within my limitations.

Not being able to run, jump, twist do anything with ‘snap’ makes it difficult, I’m having to wipe out about 95% of everything I have ever trained in. The last style I trained in was Shaolin Kung Fu and style known for jumping, running, twisting, flipping and having ‘snap’.

So what can I do? Well, Shaolin is a massive system, there is some stuff I can do. Shaolin has a few slow, Tai Chi type, forms. It has a system of Qi Gong for health and Chan meditation of course. So that’s loads to get on with.

Also, certain principles, ideas and training drills from other styles I have done in the past can be added in to ‘fill out’ the small part of Shaolin I can do. Bits from Yoga, Tai Chi, years of Physio, etc etc can all be added to the daily practice.

It’s certainly won’t be pretty, but it will mean I can keep training and be in and around the martial arts world. So is Martial Arts for Rehabilitation a good idea?

Lets be honest, if you walk into a random club with an injury and expect to do the full class you’d be crazy. Could you carry on where you;d left off following a massive injury, no chance. But you can take what’s you’ve learn over years of training and find a way to make it work of your new boundaries. Most importantly, make it fun and you’ll never look back.