Martial Arts Christmas Gift ideas from Enso Martial Arts

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Around this time of year, we get loads of people coming in the shop looking for martial arts christmas gift ideas for someone who training in Martial Arts.

Here’s the scenario we get. “Hello, I want to buy a martial arts christmas gift for X” A husband or friend or colleague. “No problem, what martial arts do they do?” “I have no idea, but they have been doing it a long time and have loads of kit.”

The trouble is it’s quite a tricky thing to advise as most people will already have everything they need. If they have done it for some time, changes are they have bought everything they’d, mainly because they need it. They we have also bought or have been bought lot of add ons bits they don’t need.

So what is there in a shop to buy where the person you are buying for has everything.

Well, here are a few ideas that might help you buy a great martial arts christmas gift they don’t have already and will love.

Unbreakable Self Defence Shark Pen

Self defence shark penA guaranteed unbreakable pen, that can double up as a great self defence stick.

Samurai Umbrella

It’s a fantastic umbrella with a samurai sword shape handle as a handle. It comes in it’s own bag to swing over your shoulder.

Loads of Martial Arts books

martial arts christmas giftWe have recently just received another huge book order and now are covering almost all styles from countries in clouding Chia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia. We don’t currently have these books online so you’ll have t come in to see our selection

Enso Martial Arts
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Martial Arts Medicine

Enso has a wide selection of traditional remedies for helping injuries and bruises. Included in this selection is:

Red Flower Oil
Tiger Balm
Zheng Gu Shui
Enso Special Dit Da Jow
– Woodlock Oil

Samurai Sword

The ultimate gift for a martial artist. Buy you’re loved one or friend a samurai sword and they’ll be you’re best friend forever