Leg Stretching for Martial Arts

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Leg Stretching for martial artsMost martial arts styes concentrate their stretching almost exclusively on the legs. So someone like me who has also dabbled a bit with Yoga, I find my leg flexibility is pretty good in a you class but my shoulder are appalling. Martial artists want strong arms with muscle power but flexible legs with speed. Not particularly balance but it suits the needs of developing in the style.

If we are looking at Leg Stretching for Martial Arts what can be done under body weight on the floor and what needs equipment to help you on your way. What can’t be done easily without stretching equipment? The main stretch is the box split.

Most Martial Arts that have a strong emphasis on kicking are obsessed about box splits, it’s seen as a pinnacle of achievement. Someone who can do box splits must be a master.

So what equipment is there to help you with achieving a perfect split? At Enso Martial Arts Shop we have two types of stretching equipment. These are:

Martial Arts Leg Stretcher

or known as the 3 bar Leg stretcher. It’s a pretty simple construction and does a good job for the starting out to improve their box splits. The middle bar is adjustable so can be moved backwards as your splits improve. Are these percent for achieving a full split? Well, no. They will get you a long way, but after a while you’ll find that your knees start to get sore. At the point when you really feel like the full slit is an achievable target. So what can you do to help this.

Leg Stretching Machine

is the ultimate for box splits. You don’t get knees soreness you get with the 3 bar leg stretcher You also have the option of working on front split too, although it is a little awkward. The other advantage is you can increase the stretch by tiny increments on the Leg Stretching Machine, this mean you can crank up and down with tiny degrees so you can stay and hold and adjust right at your limit. The best way to train split by yourself.

If you are interested in having a look or trying them out, pop into the shop.