Which are best the high tops or low tops for Kung Fu?

Shall I wear the high tops or low tops for Kung Fu? I get asked this all the time.

feiyue high tops shoesBut these amazing Feiyue shoes aren’t just used by Kung Fu practitioners. I get a stream of circus guys wanting the high tops, they use them for Chinese Pole and slack rope. I get loads of young trendy people wanting the low tops, just for fashion. I guess that doesn’t really answer the question though.

Which are best the high tops or low tops for Kung Fu?

high tops or low topsWell, the Feiyue high tops give great support for your ankles, I guess that’s why the circus guys like them. The low tops are the shoe of choice for the Shaolin Monks in China. They’ve got to be right, right?

If you go out to China and see the Chinese people practicing kung fu, you won’t really see many high tops being worn, but this could just be down to the fact that the sale of Feiyue high tops is restricted, so there aren’t that many of them around. The low tops are much more abundant, so they are the shoes people wear and train in.

The other thing to know is that when you try them on, the Feiyue high tops have a slightly different fit than the standard Feiyue shoes. It’s hard to describe what it actually is, but they are different. The shoes are different brands. Dafu brand for the Feiyue high tops and Top One for the low tops, but they are both made in the same factory in Shanghai. Best thing for this is to try them. One shoe will fit your foot much better than the other, and from there on it’ll be hard to switch to the other style.

For me this is the clincher as to whether you should use the high tops or the low tops for kung fu. Get down to your local martial arts shop and try them, see for yourself. Alternatively you have to play a bit of a lottery and buy online and waste bit of money trying to find the right fit from either the Feiyue high tops or low tops for Kung Fu. Either way, persist and you’ll never look back.

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