Feiyue Black or White: Which is a better choice for training in?

Feiyue shoes have been the shoe of choice for Shaolin Monks for years. Many people practicing Shaolin Kung Fu, Wu Shu, San Da and other Chinese Martial Arts are wearing these for training and practicing too. In fact , they are so popular now, they have become fashion items and most sales now are to people simply just to enjoy wearing them and loving them. Feiyues black or white are popular.

I myself have been to the Shaolin temple a number of time and seen the young monks running up and down flights of stairs in their worn Feiyue shoes. They’re so tough, they have to be. Henan province has dusty, stony ground. The monks don’t get plush training halls with gymnastic grade sprung wooden floors. They get concrete if they’re lucky or usually just the packed earth.

Feiyues black or white
A discarded white feiyue shoe in the Shaolin village at Shaolin Temple
Having travelled around China, you see a whole host of Feiyues black or white, but you also see a huge host of other styles. Feiyues grey with orange lettering, old-Jordan-air-pump style Feiyue shoes, soft-toms style feiyue shoes, feiyue hightops in the dafu style. So with so many different styles available what is so good about the Feiyue black or white?

The argument for Black feiyue shoes is easy, they don’t look dirty easily, but the white feiyue shoes are just as popular and pick up the dirt very quickly. But people love the white feiyue shoes. There is a certain style to Feiyue shoes that look worn in.

Going back to the monks running up and down the stairs endlessly. In a spanking new pair of Feiyue shoes it wouldn’t seem right, the image (and what you see) is beaten old Feiyue shoes, the classic look. Which I think is what the style guru’s are trying to emulate. I have to admit it is a cool look.

Feiyues black or white seem to persist and the others haven’t seem to caught on, maybe because the monks don’t use them, so the Wu Shu guys don’t use them, therefore the Chinese Martial Artists don’t use them, so the shops don’t stock them, etc etc. Maybe it simply is a following the guy sat the top “if it’s good for them it’s good for us” mentality, quite right I think.

So when you buy your Feiyues black or white, don’t be scared to rough them up a bit, trust me they’re tough. Plus they’ll look amazing and last forever. Well until the soles wear through and then you’ll have an excuse to buy some more.

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