Dipped Foam vs PU Sparring Kit? What’s Best?

Dipped foam vs PUThere are masses of Sparring equipment out there for Kickboxing. In the shop we cater for everyone. We’ll put Thai Boxing aside as there a bit different, and Full contact Kickboxing usually use Boxing Gloves (which we sell not not talking about today). For everyone else the sparring equipment falls into two types. You can choose Dipped Foam Sparring Kit and PU Sparring Kit. We’ve have always had the two options. Both are for semi contact sparring, such as Kickboxing, Taekwondo, but what’s the difference? The question is Dipped Foam vs PU Sparring Kit?

Both have their advantages, let’s have a look.

Dipped Foam sparring kit is the main staple for a lot of clubs. It’s lightweight so easy to carry and this also makes it great for kids. Especially when making them carry their own bag.

Dipped Foam Sparring Kit is also quite a bit cheaper than other types so this helps in the decision making when buying.

But what are the downsides? Dipped Foam in it’s nature does tend to split over time. Being a mould foam have and then dipped in foam, the outer material isn;t that strong. If it keep sit’s shape, it’s fine but when squashed into a kit bag and sat on, it will split and slowly those splits will get bigger and bigger. Take good care of it, buy a big kit bag and it’ll be fine.

So what’s so good about PU sparring kit then?

Well, PU is a much tougher material than the ‘Dipped’ part of the foam, it’s stitched onto the mould, like any other material would be, thus making it stronger and durable. Most PU stuff is slightly heavier it does hold it’s shape really well. Buy well and this kit will last you your entire training career.

But what are the downsides? Getting the benefits doesn’t cost extra, it’s more complicated to make to cost more to buy. Personally I think it’s well worth it

But don’t take my word for it, pop in the shop try on both and see for yourself.