Coloured Belts with Stripes: Are they Traditional or Not?

coloured belts with stripesColoured Belts with Stripes on them get a little bit of stick from the ‘traditional’ martial artis world. The trouble is, the standard colours denoting grades aren’t that ‘traditional’ either so we don’t need to worry about that. Other’s argue it just a way of instructors fleecing more money from their students, more belts, means more gradings, which means the instructor is a shark. Mainly used in martial arts styles such as Karate, Judo, Ju Jitsu and sometimes Taekwondo, they are now a common addition to the traditional styles.

Let’s go through some of the actual uses for the Coloured Belts with Stripes and also the Taekwondo stripe belts and you can decide for yourself .

Coloured Belts with Stripes have been used across many styles as a way of dividing Juniors and Seniors. Juniors tend to have slightly different syllabus’s, the more ‘deadly’ techniques taken out and replaced with more fun training. The gradings are certainly always different, with less emphasis on pressure testing and pressure points. When a junior is young they are easy to spot, but as they hit their teens it can be sometime shard to differentiate between some juniors and seniors. Having the Coloured Belts with Stripes for a junior makes it easy at a glance to see who’s who.

Coloured Belt with White Stripe KarateAnother benefit you get with Juniors is, that when they pass the age boundary, usually 18 but sometimes 16. They don’t expect to simply put on the equivalent adult belt they have already acquired. For instance if they achieve Black Belt with a White Stripe, they haven’t yet earned a Black Belt. All clubs will have a way to help the student transition through that stage. Some have to re-grade for a few grades lower in the adults, as an example.

Some systems also have the Coloured Belts with Stripes just as standard grades. In older times, some coloured belts would spread across several grades. Brown Belt was common for doing this, but green and blue did do this too. In a class, it’s hard to tell who is which grade so introducing a white stripe, or even two white stripes belt, shows clearly who is which grade. Much easier .

Taekwondo, in general but not exclusively, has used them as a way of increasing more gradings and more belts into the path towards Black Belt. Some frown upon this method, but to be honest, people do like small bit sized goals, knowing you have a grading coming up in the next month or so is a great motivating factor and going to class with your new belt is also a proud time. It’s exciting to move up the Belt system and get exposed to different techniques and forms. If it get’s more people training in martial arts, then it’s a good system.

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