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best martial arts to learn

What is the best martial arts to learn

It’s the age old question and we still hear it a lot in the shop. I know what people mean but it’s will always get a question back which is:

“What martial arts do you want to learn?”

Sometimes you get a simple answer of Karate or Kung Fu or Aikido. “Well. Then. That’s the best one then isn’t it.” I will say. Sometimes it’s understood but most of the time not.

“No, I mean for fighting / self defence / killing someone with one finger / whatever” Whatever it is, people seem intent on knowing the martial art they are going to train in is the best. But best martial arts to learn for what? How many people do you need to fight / defend yourself / Qi punch someone to death / whatever?

It’s almost like they need a justification of more than they simply enjoy it, it has to have a use beyond fun.

Anyway, once that has been cleared up, which sometimes takes about half an hour of discussion / arguing / banging heads against walls. Here comes the next question.

What do you want to learn? striking, wrestling, ground work, kicking, flexibility, self defence, weapons, throwing, traditional, modern, hard, soft? This will get to the final answer much quicker.

best martial arts to learnOnce you get on of these, it is so much easier. If it’s purely striking, boxing has got to be an option. Purely kicking Taekwondo will be up there and for flexibility too. Although Shaolin Kung Fu works hard on stretching as well. Wrestling is pretty good at Wrestling, as they should be, but don’t discount Judo, which also is great for throwing as is Ju Jitsu.

Aikido and Tai Chi are great for soft although probably at opposite ends of the soft spectrum and Shaolin Kung Fu gives you an array of weapons that’s difficult to match by other styles.

But don’t take my list as the only options, I started Tai Chi some time ago to help fix my back, started Ju Jitsu because I thought it had a great social scene and network across the country.

If you can be picky, you are very lucky. Most UK cities have a great selection but if you out in the sticks a bit there will be a lot less choice. Once you;ve found the style for you, you’ll know. It’ll occupy your mind daily and you’ll be watching the calendar, counting down till the next training session. Being in the class will feel so natural and comfortable you wonder why you hadn’t start ed before. Never think that, it’s always better to have started now than in ten years time.

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