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This article is probably a month late really, but having only recently returned from China and having a hectic January I now have the time to write this. I rarely talk about what’s happening at the shop and rather talk about what’s going on in the martial arts world and write about things that might be helpful and useful to you as a martial artist.

However, there is so much coming up at Enso Martial Arts Shop I’d thought I would chat a bit about what plans are in store and what’s going to be happening at Enso.

Last year I was in China, I travelled to the Shaolin Temple twice and to Wudang Mountain. I ha da fantastic time, but I missed the shop and the Bristol scene. It’s lovely to be back amongst friends and like minded people. Coming back into the shop I have the benefit of fresh eyes on the place an I can look at it with much more of an open mind.

One thing I noticed immediately was the lack of fightwear we sell. When I say fightwear I mean kit for styles such as Thai Boxing, Boxing, Full contact kickboxing. Traditionally I have hardly sold anything to these styles. Partly it’s because my background is from traditional martial arts so my knowledge is limited on those styles but also because I haven’t found any suppliers who stock it. Last week I found new supplier who stock everything I don’t sell so now Enso Martial Arts will be stocking brands such as:

– Carbon Claw
– Sandee
– Cleto Reyes

New product lines include Boxing Gloves, Thai Anklets, Thai Shorts, MMA Shorts, Thai Shin Pads to name a few. I really excited about this and hope I can get the word out there we now are stocking this kit.

Other new things at Enso Martial Arts is the website. Enso now, finally, has a website to be proud of. All our product are on there as well as a massive club directory and martial arts history section. I have roped in the martial arts world to help me produce videos of many of the products so we can give the best information possible on what we sell, we’re adding more every week so keep going back for more and more advice. Go to www.ensomartialarts.com

If this wasn’t enough I am also planning to get back out to martial arts events this year. I used to do them years ago but have had some tie away from them. I really miss getting out and about so this year is the year to start. Competitions, Fight Night, Exhibitions, etc are all on the list, so hopefully we’ll see you there. Any events happening in your area, let us know and we’ll try and come along.

As well as all that I have injures to get over and training to start again, as well as another planned trip to China and Shaolin. It’s going to be a busy year but fun packed hopefully.

See you soon