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Leopard Kung Fu

Leopard kung fu began as a southern style that has seen some northern influence in the form of Panther. Leopard is construed as a soft subsystem and is used to develop speed and strength, for it is the fastest of the tiger family. It was developed by Mot, a great choy lay fut practitioner, and was included in tiger because of its different structure and style of attack.

Although the chain and whip are occasionally used in leopard kung fu, the main weapon is the leopard fist. The fist is formed in such a way that it can jab, rake or crush on any surface without alteration, striking soft points in the anatomy and structural weak points. Ribs are a frequent target. The back of the hand is often used in breaking while a variation with the first two fingers extended like chelicerae is used for attacks to the eyes.

Snow leopard, leopard at dawn, leopard bares its claws and Panther are forms seen in tiger. The first is from the Tibetan snow leopard kung fu system and is arbitrarily included. The second utilizes tiger footwork in conjunction with leopard hand techniques. Panther, the highest form in the style, has all of leopard’s kicking maneuvers and uses the 3rd leopard form as its foundation.