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Lee (Li) Style Tai Chi Chuan

Leesymbol Li Ho-Hsieh created the Li Family System of T’ai Chi Ch’uan. The original form consisted of only eight movements; around those eight movements was built the form as it is today, which comprises of 140 single movements in 42 sets. It is a Yin / Yang system, as everything within is in complete harmony and in perfect balance with each other. The Li system is also known as Square Yard T‘ai Chi as it can be performed in a small area.

CheeSooThe form consists of a long sequence of flowing movements, which are performed at a slow and rhythmic pace with deep co-ordinated breathing and full concentration.These movements contain the essence of good health and longevity and help the practitioner develop strong Chi (internal energy).

KaiMenTranslated as ‘The Supreme Ultimate’ the T’ai Chi Ch’uan form contains one hundred and forty movements, forty-two sequences skilfully merged together to flow effortlessly one into another. The movements are performed at a slow and rhythmic pace with deep co-ordinated breathing and full concentration. Because each movement works on the whole body, from muscles to the organs the practitioner can develop a strong body and because of the concentration a strong and agile mind, this can lead to inner peace and tranquillity.

T’ai Chi translates as Supreme Ultimate; T’ai Chi Ch’uan is the practise toward that goal. A related discipline is K’ai Men, which is a collection of Taoist Yoga exercises, and Tao Yin, a selection of therapeutic breathing exercises.



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